We get approached by business people that show us a website and ask us to quote saying” we want a website just like that one”. I look at the site and can see instantly that a business has invested heavily in design and functionality and the chosen site is a slick professional successful site on many levels. What is the problem you say? Well most people think they can get a copy of a site that has probably been custom designed and cost over $100k for about $5k. Yep. We get this enquiry at least once a week. Potentially it isn’t even us worth the time to prepare the quote or even trying to educate the person otherwise. Websites are cheap. Right? Read more.

Google Knowledge Graph Carousel

Google has just launched in the US a revised or new look and feel specifically for the hotel industry. It’s referred to as the new Google Knowledge Graph Carousel in SERPS. And hence there has been a fair amount of initial discussion and potential interpretation with a lot more expected. Read more

Google Adwords – When Negatives are a Positive

Top 5 Google Adwords Mistakes

We are asked every week to take over and manage a Google Adwords campaign that has been setup by a client that has not gone well. Anyone can setup a Google Adwords campaign? Right? It’s easy – just ask Google. Easy to set up the account incorrectly and cost a client a lot of money, further lining the pockets of the Google Monster. Read More

Is Content the King of your Website?

When an organisation looks to develop a new website the focus is generally around the new designs, usability, CMS and IAs. Little attention is paid to current content that exists on a site, how up to date or relevant it is, and does it still support the core business objectives? New IA’s are often developed without the full understanding of all the current content assets. PayPerClick and King Content offer organisations a Content Inventory, Content Audit and Editorial Evaluation ensuring all content is accounted for and that a new site not only looks good, but contains quality content. Read more.

Search is Critical to Brand Campaigns

Digital executives can longer ignore search for branding. In a recent report by eMarketer called “Search for Branding” have found that search is not just for direct-response marketing anymore and can be effectively used for building long-term brand relationships. Read More...

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