Content Marketing

PayPerClick have an experienced team of Content Marketing specialists. The combined skill and understanding of SEO, content strategy and usability enables the team to develop a Content Marketing strategy that offers multiple ongoing benefits to clients.

The key to developing a strategy that engages audiences is understanding the interaction and goal objectives, and then developing engagement hooks and clear calls to action. It is crucial to ensure that all tracking goals, objectives, setup and all activities are tagged and measured for clear performance outcomes.
PayPerClick - Content Marketing Objectives

Content Marketing Objectives

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Build targeted traffic volumes
  • Increase online engagement, leads, sales, enquiries etc
  • Build subscribers and ongoing database
  • Coordinate with TV and other advertising campaigns
  • Improve user website experience through efficient interaction
  • Provide accurate lead, sales or engagement tracking.

Content Writing

PayPerClick have an experienced team of in-house writers along with a group of freelance journalists, bloggers and specialists in a number of areas including health, finance and wealth, lifestyle, insurance and investment. We are able to clearly establish objectives and briefs that can be tailored to specific writing styles that blend with your content and brand messaging.

  • Searchable: Can the user find your content?
  • Readable: Can the user understand your content?
  • Educational: What will the user learn from your content?
  • Actionable: Will it motivate the user to take action?
  • Shareable: Will the user share the content with others?

Content OutreachPayPerClick Diversify Content Types

Outreach and distribution activities may form part of a Content Marketing or a Search Optimisation Project or new Website/Content Development. An Outreach program is customised for each organisation and project and will be specifically tailored to attract targeted audiences through various touch points online.

PayPerClick customise each solution based on client objectives and budgets. We have tiered pricing for small business to large corporate and tactical campaigns. Our experienced team of marketing professionals will give you fresh insights and opportunities and how to maximise your marketing budgets.

For more information on how PayPerClick can assist your company with Content Marketing, please call +61 2 9970 8486 or enquire online.