Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation is an integral part of the site design, usability, copywriting and the conversion process. For your online presence to truly succeed, search friendly design must encompass usability skills and training. Since being established in 2002, PayPerClick, has created and continues to develop and amend their “Natural Search Algorithm Audit” in line with the continual changes made to Search Engines and their algorithms.

Search Engine Optimisation is not a one off procedure. It is an ongoing part of an online marketing strategy.

Search Engine Optimisation is a process whereby a company initially researches and identifies the keywords that their target audience will commonly use to find their products or services. However, optimising a site is not just about keywords – but also about page layout and calls to action to drive the targeted traffic and offer them the right information on the page. There are many factors that Google and other search engines use to determine which site gets high rankings in the search engine results.
PayPerClick’s SEO services include:

SEO Technical Analysis

SEO Copywriting

PayPerClick will identify and prioritise the key technical components that need addressing to improve natural search positioning in the search engine result pages. Read more about SEO Technical Analysis. Optimising a site using search engine copywriting methods will improve ranking results, increase targeted leads to the relevant pages of copy and ultimately, if done well, bring in long-term “free” traffic through the organic search engine results. Read more about SEO Copywriting.

SEO Style Guide

SEO Link Building

We will develop a customised Search Engine Optimisation Style Guide that incorporates current web or corporate standards. The SEO Style Guide is developed and weighted based on the industry type and level of competition in the online market space. Read more about SEO Style Guides. PayPerClick will provide recommendations of appropriate directories and blogs for your company’s industry and place in the market to request backlinks to your site from. Read more about SEO Link Building.

SEO Online PR Distribution

Benefits of undertaking Search Engine Optimisation

PayPerClick offers a full copywriting service for writing press releases with strong SEO objectives. Read more about SEO Online Press Release Distribution. By improving your site’s performance on search engines, your site will be more easily indexed on search engines, and perform better in searches for targeted keywords. Having a clear content strategy for targeted keywords can assist your business to better convert potential leads.

For more information about how PayPerClick can assist your company with Search Engine Optimisation, call +61 2 9970 8486 or enquire online.